Hardneck Garlic Cultivars Grown By Squared Roots Farm

Hello! This is a great place to learn about all the varieties of garlic we grow.


Rocambole garlics tend to have thinner bulb wrappers than other hardnecks and lots of purple striping and splotches. They are not as white as other hardnecks and have a brownish cast to them, in fact, some of them almost look as though they need a bath. What they lack in beauty, they make up for in taste. Other rocamboles have sharp, vivid colors that alert the consumer to their strong, rich and deep flavor. Many people consider them their favorite garlics because of their very rich taste.

  • Carpathian, Spanish Roja


Porcelain garlics may be the most beautiful garlics of all and sometimes seem too beautiful to eat. Their bulb wrappers tend to be very thick, luxuriant and parchment-like and tightly cover their few, but very  large, cloves. The outer bulb wrappers are often very white to milky and light tan although some some, like Romanian Red, tend to some purple striping as you peel away the wrappers. Their appearance tempts one to wonder whether they were sculpted by some great artist rather than something grown in the ground. There are no smaller cloves as most cloves are large and fat (four to eight per bulb), this makes them a great favorite with foodies.

  • Romanian Red, Majestic, German White, Montana Zemo

Purple Stripe, Marble Purple Stripe

Purple Stripe garlics are hardnecks and are usually vividly striped with purplish vertical stripes decorating the bulb wrappers, hence their name. In between the purple stripes, their bulb wrappers are usually very white and thick. Some sub-varieties are even heavily splotched with purple. Coloration is affected by growing conditions, particularly weather and sometimes they are strongly colored and at other times more white than purple. They tend to be rather rich in flavor and not overly hot, though some are milder, and store fairly well. They tend to mature about midway through the local harvest season although some mature late.

  • Chesnock Red (PS), Metechi (MPS), Russian Red (MPS)


Turban garlic is a harneck. A very attractive bulb with heavy stripping. Similar to a Purple Stripe in taste and wonderful to bake. We are working on building up a seed base for next year. Stay tuned!

  • Blossom

Softneck Garlic Cultivars Grown By Squared Roots Farm


Artichoke garlic has a milder flavor and may have fewer and larger cloves than silverskin. You can store it as long as eight months. Artichoke garlic may occasionally have purple spots or streaks on its skin, but don't confuse it with purple stripe garlic, a hardneck variety that has quite a bit of purple coloring.

  • Inchellium Red, Oregon Blue