How did Squared Roots Farm come to? Let us tell you...

Jeremy and Dana Wilson are a young couple with 2 little boys that moved to a 25 acre farm in Oregon from a city life in the ever growing state of Colorado.  We have both had a life time dream of growing our own food and living closer to the land.    We felt stuck in the hustle bustle that so many people get wrapped up in.  When Jeremy would come home from his long days in the Environmental Engineering field, as a family we would sit and draw pictures together of how our dream farm would look, what we would grow and the animals that we would care for.  A couple years of drawings and trips through the Oregon Coastal Range, we made the life choice to leave Colorado and head to a rural community in Alsea, Oregon to embark on a new life.

Maybe it was having children in our mix but all of a sudden time was flying and all of us were getting older! We found a little chunk of land from heaven that runs adjacent to the Alsea River in a community that highly supports all genres of agriculture.  Embarking on a journey in a loaded up car and Penske in caravan, our 2 dogs, 1 unhappy cat, 2 wild boys, we headed on to the Pioneers trail to Oregon. We were ready to start a new life that aligns with our values to be stewards of the land, create community, and honor the legacy of thousands of years of garlic cultivation! 

A side from being passionate towards the land we are passionate about food! Jeremy is a trained chef from AIC and has 13 years of cheffing it up in some of Denvers finest restaurants. 

We are honored that you have visited our web page and we can assure you that the garlic we have grown for you has been given the best natural care and SO MUCH LOVE!